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Hello & Welcome!

(I know, kinda corny…but whatever!)

I first want to thank you for spending time here at believingisachieving.com. If anything I have published here helps you in any way throughout your life, I am eternally grateful.

I want this to be a place of inspiration and happiness. There’s too much distraction in this world and sometimes it’s nice to sit back for a few and really appreciate everything life has to offer. I want you to know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, the main key is to just do it, start!

I want to inspire all the moms out there to achieve happiness and success in all areas of their lives. It’s time to make your life a little easier, from waking up every morning to laying your head on the pillow at night (I know girl, that’s the best part!)

Come join me and my family on our journey for an abundance of Happiness, Health, Wealth, and Success!

A Little Summery of My Life.

I’m a Law of Attraction junkie! I fell so fascinated with the book/movie The Secret around the year 2015, when my twin Sister introduced me to it. Not to be cliche, but yes… It changed my life! Since then, I’ve watched the movie maybe like…30 times? I’ve read all the books in the series, read countless of other Law of attraction books. I watch Law of Attraction YouTube videos all the time! I’m obsessed! I’ve dug into the whole Qunatum Physics of it all, it’s truly an amazing science to learn.

I listen to The Power almost nightly while laying in bed, on Audible. I like to play a little game; I close my eyes and pick a chapter from The Power to listen to that night. I trust that the Universe will guide me to the right chapter I need to listen to. I know… Your probably like.. “This crazy lady” but, ya know whatever works! You’ll find your little quirks if you immerse yourself into the law of attraction more.

You do truly create your reality. I know some people won’t ever believe this, and that’s OK. Life happens for you not to you. If you’re here then chances are you’re on the same page as I am. Hence, the name of my blog, believing is achieving.

I won’t go too much in depth with the law of attraction now, but that’s what inspired me to become a stay at home mom, to make money from home, and to help others along the way. I’ve went down multiple avenues of making money online and I want to share with you everything I know from this point.

It’s been about 4 years since I jumped into the online space of money making from home. I’ve been married for nearly 5 years now. I’ve been a mom for three years, with an amazingly smart and handsome little boy, and just recently I had a baby girl too! Our little family has been such a blessing to us.

I love to cook! I actually really want to try out for MasterChief next year, I’ll definitely need to hit the books for that one! I love photography. Although, I’m just an armature, I love landscape photography and I’m also currently taking a little online certification course on “photographing people”.

I’m not your average bubbly girl who can be the light of the show, so me being one on one with people, photographing them will be a little awkward for me. Once I get into that avenue of my life, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. For now, I’ill finish my course here in a few weeks and move on from there and see where it takes me.

From the years 2016-2019 My husband was stationed in Kansas, so that was our life for a while. The “Army Wife” life was fun and all but it’s a very different kind of experience. Living over 1,000 miles from family and making friends who move away just as quickly they came was challenging, but I learned a lot from our adventure. Honestly though, it grew our family a lot.

We’re now living back in the home state of Ohio. We’re planning on moving somewhere else here in the near future. I’ll definitely keep you updated on that adventure. We’re also just starting the journey to buy our first home! It’s time for us to start an amazing life together as a family.

I hope that my mindfulness wisdom can help any mom out there realize that it’s never too late to take a challenge and turn it into something amazing, no matter what situation you are in.

Enough about me! I want you to enjoy every second of each day and live life to its max full of happiness!

Why do I care about helping you?

You’re probably thinking… OK Jenn, why do you want to help me?

I’ve been a stay at home mom/wife since about 2016, ever since my husband went Acttive Duty. Trust me, I can relate to a lot. From one mom to another, I can speak for most of us when I say… we hate when “non-moms” give motherly advice. I’m not being rude here, but you know what I mean! I know that “Mom Life”, and I want to help you become the best version of yourself, even if it’s not just in the finical section.

Although I do have a passion and knowledge in making money from home, I also know the whole mom thing pretty well too. From cleaning, to cooking, to play time, and bedtime. If I can do just one thing to make your life a little better, I am blessed to have the time to share it with you.

For the majority of the past few years I’ve been super into finding all sorts of ways to make an income from home. Whether that be from your smart phone, tablet or computer. I’ve helped plenty people throughout the years, even my family (You can ask my sister, I’m always bugging her with new things to try!). I want to help the moms out there who want more in life, whether it’s to make an extra $10, or $10,000. Anything is possible.

I know the mom life struggle just as much as the next, been there done that! It’s not always easy to focus with the littles becoming your first priority in your day, but rest assured I want to help you achieve anything.

You might not come here with the intention to fix something in your life, but I hope that I can help with even a speck of anything you need. I want to help mainly with finical success, but I’m a law of attraction junkie and I want to change every ones lives in all areas.

There’s nothing more joyous in this world than to see others happy and not struggling. If you just need a smile on a rainy Wednesday morning, I hope one day I can help!

If this entire world were united in happiness and successes, everyone would be in a much better place. I’m sure you could agree with that.

My Hopes for the Future.

My primary goal is to help you succeed in all areas of your life as a mom. Even if you’re not a mom and you’re here with me, I’m here for you too! I want you to wake up every morning and think to yourself how blessed you are to have your amazing family and to have all the success that pours into your life. I want to motivate you to take action on your goals and to give you my best tricks and tips as a mom to get there and achieve anything you desire.

Never be afraid of your dreams, never be afraid you will fail. Because, failure is a blessing. If you never failed you wound never know what succeeding was. I want to take you along my journey in life and show you that you can achieve anything you desire, you can be the best mom you ever dreamt of.

If there’s one piece of advice I can give you right now, it is to get the book The Secret and The Power. Then follow my journey of being a mindfulness mom. I want you to flow through life with the Universes at your side and a little bit of comfort knowing that we all have crazy days but there’s always something to be grateful for.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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